Price for Mercedes Benz CLS Class

Mercedes Benz CLS Class Vehicles have experienced a considerable decrease in their selling price recently. This model has gone through a strong reduction in its selling price.

RM 340,581.83
Average price Last 6 months
Price for Mercedes Benz CLS Class

The selling price for Mercedes Benz CLS Class cars has had a strong depreciation during the last 6 months we have studied. The average price for April is RM 420,545. During May there was a slight reduction in the selling prices dropping till RM 371,376. The following two months (June, July) the selling price went through a devaluation of -9 percent in the average selling price compared to the previous two months analyzed. In the last two months, the price has gone through a strong devaluation of -30 % compared to the 4 previous average values going down from RM 378,360.5 to RM 265,024.5.

Price per registration year

The average price for Mercedes Benz CLS Class has become more expensive in recent years. Between 2019 y 2020, the average price is RM 400,500. There was a price inflation going from (RM 390,333) to (RM 410,667).

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Average price September
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Num. of cars with registration year mentioned
RM 292,420
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